Tucson 2010

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These Photos were taken during events at the 2010 tucson Gem Show.

Click on any picture below to enlarge it.

Tucson, 2010 AGA Conference: Don Palmieri (left) & Courtney Balzan (right) Joe Mackley, Eric Shelton, Chris York & Kirk Root
Sue Whitaker & Carole Richbourg Thom Underwood & Catriona McInnes Nancy Stacy & Kirk Root
Menahem Sevdermish & Thom Underwood PAS Meeting AGTA Show: Monica Caldwell (ctr) and Thom Underwood (rt)
ASA G&J Meeting Randy Trahan (Photographer) Scott Gordon & Jim Naughter
Joe Mackley & Dana Christiansen Carol Richbourg (rt) Teri Brossmer (ctr with back to camera) All Natural Pearls!