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The services of a professional jewelry appraiser / forensic gemologist may be required for litigation support or expert witness testimony.  Forensic gemology can be can be especially important in cases involving diamonds, colored gemstones, watches and fine jewelry. A professionally trained appraiser has the expertise to offer opinions of value in an unbiased manner to aid the court in reaching an equitable decision. 

Engaging the appraiser before depositions are taken can often expedite an out-of-court settlement. Litigation often involves appraisal of jewelry that has been lost, stolen or destroyed. Such jewelry cannot be examined and must be appraised based in part on testimony given in depositions. The appraiser can help counsel in preparing to depose the witnesses. There are techniques, tools and examples that can assist counsel in obtaining more accurate descriptions of missing jewelry.

The documents below (Microsoft Word Documents) describe Nancy Stacy's qualifications to provide expert witness services, and are compliant with the Daubert ruling.