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Your appraisal will be professionally prepared to the highest standards.

At Jewels by Stacy Appraisals, your appraisal will be performed according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPSP) and those of the American  Society of Appraisers.

Each piece of jewelry will be weighed, measured, and described in detail.

  • Gemstones will be identified, graded, measured, and their weights calculated
  • Metal content will be determined.
  • All diamonds over ˝ carat will be issued a stone certificate, with color, clarity and cutting angles listed. The internal characteristics of the stone will be diagramed.
  • Colored gemstones certificates will be done for colored stones when appropriate.
  • Your appraisal will have enlarged color photos of the items. Photomicrographs (photos through the microscope) are available if needed for insurance claims, etc.
  • Your appraisal will explain the grading systems used.
  • An explanation of the definition of value will be included, along with the instructions for the appropriate use of the appraisal document.

In-vault, rush, or on-site appraisals are available at an additional fee.

Please feel free to e-mail Nancy Stacy if you have any questions.