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ASA GJ206, Gems & Jewelry Appraisal Techniques and Standards is the "Crown Jewel" on the path to receive authorization to use the "Master Gemologist Appraiser" certification mark. It was held in late January, 2001 just prior to the Tucson Gem Shows. Below are photos of most of the students, and the course instructors, Larry Phillips and Paul Thompson.

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ASA GJ206 Tucson, 2001 Class: Kiran Kahitan, Melanie Joiner, Janet Stevens, Ralph Forrester, Nancy Stacy, ASA GJ Ed Chair, Brenda (BJ) Caldwell, ASA, Gail Nelson, Larry Phillips, ASA, Instructor, Therese ‘Teri’ Brosmer, Greg Kligman, Paul Thompson, ASA Instructor. Not pictured: Vickie Adams, ASA, who audited the class.

Happy group of students after completing the final exam! Kiran Kahitan, Melanie Joiner, Janet Stevens, Ralph Forester, Brenda 'BJ' Caldwell, Gail Nelson, Therese "Teri" Brosmer, and Greg Kligman. Not pictured is Vickie Adams, who audited the course and was spared the exam. The group posing with microscope, polariscope, etc.
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Instructor Paul Thompson, ASA, takes the 100-Hue color test along with his students. Brenda Caldwell, ASA & Ralph Forrester Gail Nelson double-checks her work
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Janet Stevens - tidy gemologist! Instructor Larry Phillips logs in exam jewelry Melanie Joiner enjoying her examination
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Hi, Melanie! Ralph Forrester, with Teri, Gail and Janet Working on final exam Ralph with the latest edition of the MGA manual
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Brenda "BJ" Caldwell obviously has the recertification process down cold! Therese "Teri" Bossmer working on her appraisal Eric Shelton, ASA (left) and C. Kirk Root, ASA G&J 1999-2001 Chair were not due to recertify this year. Note that Kirk wore out his shoes tramping the Tucson Gem Shows!