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Home FAQ Registered Mail Packaging

Many people ask me how to send jewelry by mail. The easiest way for most people to do that is to use  U. S. Postal Service registered mail. However, to do that you must package your jewelry appropriately. In short you must completely cover your package with paper packaging tape, the kind that must be moistened with water to activate the glue.  (Office Depot carries this tape under stock number 349231) Write the recipient's mailing address and your return address directly on the package using indelible ink (like a Sharpie).  Do not use labels. Tell the post person that you want to mail your package by insured registered mail. You will need to fill out a small form specifying your address, the recipients address, and the insurance amount you want. The Post Office will stamp all the seams  and thus insure that the package is not tampered with. See the illustrations below:

These are the tools you will need a box, water-activated paper packaging tape,
 a sponge (or a wet wash cloth) and scissors. Of course, you will also want
 something to put IN the box (your jewelry). Pack it carefully so that it doesn't
 rattle around or get damaged in shipment.

This is what the finished product should look like. It is COMPLETELY covered with
 tape, and no part of the package shows through. To see some of the intermediate
 steps in getting to this point click here.

Note that I have written the sender's and receiver's address directly on the
 package. Do not use a label as labels can be removed or switched.

Here is bottom side of the package at the Post Office after the postal clerk
 finished stamping all the tape seams. The top side with the address looks very
 much the same. This makes the package very tamper-proof.